Buying the best guitar straps for your acoustic or electric guitar can be a difficult affair as many retailers sell cheap, plasticky, nasty straps. And you’re meant to fit one to your favourite guitar? I don’t think so…

So, we made it our mission to find the best guitar straps in the world and frankly, it didn’t take long! We found Bison Boa, the guitar strap maker based in the UK that handmake each and every strap so you know there is quality there already.

The guitar straps are made from the finest leather hide that is soft and velvety but hard-wearing and oozes quality throughout. There is an imprinted Bison Boa logo on the strap, which is cool and sophisticated but really the whole guitar strap is all about the strap and nothing else. It is soft on your shoulder, looks incredible and as the price is a little more than others, you can really feel the difference.

Knowing When to Pay the Difference For the Best Guitar Straps

When it comes to buying the best guitar straps you will find that a 20 dollar strap from eBay doesn’t cut it when you’re fitting it to your expensive Les Paul or Fender.

This is where buying a quality leather guitar strap is needed. You want the additional strap to look as good as the guitar, and that’s where Bison Boa straps really stand out.

In order to it to feel comfortable you need a soft but strong leather that won’t fold or dig into your shoulder when you’re playing guitar a lot. Whether you’re in a band or simply just like to jam for hours on the weekend, having the best guitar strap you can is of the utmost importance.

Where to Buy Bison Boa Best Guitar Straps?

Bison Boa exclusively sells the best guitar straps on and for a few reasons. One, this lets Bison Boa send Amazon a crate of guitar straps and Amazon take control of delivery and any returns (not that you would return them as they are awesome!).

Two, the guitar straps are sent quickly and efficiently and marketed on Amazon by the world’s best online marketplace. This means that Bison Boa can have even more control of the stock and allows them time to create new products, which I’m told are on their way to being released, and it means the company can grow without having to handle stock.

Three, this means that you, the customer of the stunning guitar straps, can see, read about, buy safely, and feel secure when ordering online from a company such as Amazon, as Bison Boa has gone through all of the rigorous checking that Amazon does. Similarly, Bison Boa has ensured that all of their rigorous checking has been done on the straps for guitars.

So, if you want to buy the best guitar straps then take a look at the Amazon shop above and buy one today so that you can enjoy playing your guitar with the best of the best guitar straps in the world.

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