Entering the Olympics will Make the Level of Skateboarding Higher

The World Skateboard (Street) Championship ended in Rio de Janeiro on the 13th, there were many good results in the men’s and women’s competitions. The participating skaters believe that after the skateboard enters the Olympic family, everyone is more serious about the sport, which plays an important role in the improvement of skateboarding. Kevin Huffler said: “Today everyone is playing very well, it was my first time to play such a good result. I think this part is because of the support of the audience, and the other part is because the sport has not only entered the Olympic Games. It’s just a game, it’s a serious sport, so the skaters are more serious about technical moves.”

The women’s team champion is from Japan, and she is very happy to win the championship, which also enhances her confidence in achieving good results at the Tokyo Olympics next year. She said: “The first time skateboarding in the Olympics is in my home country, it also makes me determined to work harder to improve my level and keep a good state in the future.” The women’s team runner-up said: “Now skateboarding has entered the Olympics, I think I have a very good chance to participate, so participating in the Olympics is also my current goal. This year I will try hard to enter the Brazilian team and then win the medal for the Brazilian team.square steel tubing Today the Japanese player defeated me, but it is in an instant who failed and won at the last minute of the game. At the Tokyo Olympics, she has a host advantage, but the things I can do are work harder and improve myself.”

The girl who ranks fifth is only 12 years old. She said:” I’m a little serious in this first competition, but unexpectedly my performance is well enough. Now skateboarding is entering into the Olympic Game, I’m young and I have so many opportunities, I will strive for it forever.”

Bob Burnquist, is served as the best skater in the world, he competed the Olympic Games from the first to today and gained countless medals, in this world championship, he served as the award presenter, he said:” I think this sport can enter into the Olympic Games, it contributes to the mass base is bigger and bigger. In Tokyo, skateboarding is the first time to enter into the Olympic Games, but it will not be the last time, in the future, it will enter into more and more games such as in Paris and Los Angeles. In fact, the skateboard has many categories, I think more categories will enter into the Olympic Games with the widely support of people.” And he also suggested the Brazilian government should give more investments to this sport, we think Brazilian skateboard will have a better future, and he said many Brazilian teenagers like this sport, and there are many Brazilian players reach the final, we have infinite potential in this competition.

The Effect of Radiation on Pregnant Women (II)

The people who use computer frequently will feel eye discomfort and diminution of vision, hey often easy to fatigue. So this kind of people should pay attention to these aspects:

Eat some food that benefit for your eyes, such as egg, fish, oleum morrhuae, carrot, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, sesame, radish and animal liver. And eat more food that contains high calcium, such as bean products, bone soup, egg, milk, lean meat and shrimp. In addition, you need to pay notice the supplement of vitamin: eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Enhance resistance: such as mushroom, honey, agaric, galvanized steel tubing suppliers kelp, orange and Chinese-date. At last, you can eat radiation-resistance food: although the hurt of computer to us is small, we should also prevent. Drink tea can decline the harm of radiation, the lipopolysaccharide in the tea leaf has the function of resist radiation. Spiral seaweed and sea buckthron oil has this function, too.

The location of the computer is very important. Try not to let the back of the screen face someone’s place, because the computer’s strongest radiation is the back, followed by the left and right sides, and the front of the screen is the weakest. It is necessary to see the words clearly, at least 50 cm to 75 cm, which can reduce the damage of electromagnetic radiation. Attention to indoor ventilation: Scientific research confirms that the computer’s screen produces a carcinogen called brominated benzofuran. Therefore, it is best to install a ventilation fan in a room where the computer is placed. If not, pay special attention to ventilation when surfing the Internet.

Good Sights Around The World(II)

The Summer Palace, China

The luxurious Summer Palace, 15 kilometers from Beijing, is situated in more than 700 acres of beautiful parks and is one of the most popular attractions in China.

Although the palace itself was built in 1153, its Great Lakes were added in the 14th century to strengthen the Royal gardens.square steel tubing for sale


The most striking is the magnificent Hall of Well-being and longevity (Renshou Hall) and its throne, as well as the beautiful Grand Theatre, a three-storey private building built in 1891 to meet the Royal love of opera, which is still used in the performance of traditional Chinese drama and music activities.

How To Run A Healthy Body(I)

With the continuous development of the sports industry, more and more people are beginning to like sports. Among all sports, the most common is running. Many people who haven’t exercised for a long time want to move twice. The first thing they think about is running. Then look at the appeal of Hanma, we can see how popular running is. So why is running so attractive? This, of course, is closely related to the benefits of running. Of course, some friends may think that running is useless. It is a waste of time and energy. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Next, let us talk about the benefits of running.steel coil manufacturers

Having a healthy and fit figure

Running can effectively enhance our physical fitness, thereby reducing the risk of our physical illness. According to the survey, after running for 20 minutes, fat will start to burn, long-term persistence can achieve the effect of weight loss and shaping, running can use more than 90% of the body’s muscles.


Strengthen the activity of our body’s joints, can enhance the blood circulation and metabolism, effectively discharge the body’s excess waste, so that the body can operate more healthily. For people with more body fat, running can reduce fat very well. Ordinary people can also run, reduce body fat, make muscles more obvious. More symmetrical and stylish.

How To Understand Cookie And Session(I)

Session For PHP

When you operate an application on a computer, you open it, make changes, and then close it. It is like a conversation. Because the HTTP address cannot be maintained, the Web server does not know who you are and what you have done. PHP session solves this problem by storing user information on the server for subsequent use (such as user name, purchase goods, etc.). However, session information is temporary and will be deleted after the user leaves the site. If you need to store information permanently, you can store data in a database. When a user jumps between Web pages of an application, the variables stored in the Session object will not be lost, but will persist throughout the user session. There is a certain relationship between the implementation of Session and Cookie. Setting up a connection generates a session ID and opening several pages. Cookie is used here. The Session ID is stored in the Cookie. Session ID can be recognized by taking it with you every time you visit it.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Difference between Cookie and Session

Data storage: session can store arbitrary Java objects, cookies can only store String type objects.

One is on the client side and the other is on the server side. Because Cookie is on the client side, it is not very safe to edit forgery.

Server resources will be consumed when Session is too much. Large websites will have special Session servers. Cookie has no problem with clients.

Domain support ranges are different. For example, Cookie of a.com can be used under a.com, while Session of www.a.com can not be used under api.a.com. The solution to this problem is JSONP or cross-domain resource sharing.

Western Culture – Indians in America(II)

What do Indians look like living in the United States? The answers are varied, because there is more than one Indian culture. From height, Indians range from very tall to fairly short; from skin color, they range from dark to light. Many Europeans who came to the new world in the sun had redder complexions than the Indians they met there.

Indian languages belong to different language families, and the differences between them are greater than those between English and Russian, or between French and Japanese. As for their customs and ways of life, there are also great differences among each tribes.tin plate suppliers

Different tribes

In the southwest, where the land is dusty and dry, it is very difficult for Indians to farm. Unlike the southeastern Indians and the northeastern Indian tribes, the men of the southwestern Indian tribe do heavy and endless farming while the women stay at home.

The Southwest Indians believed that war would disrupt important farming because it would take young and strong men from the land. When war is needed to surround villages, every soldier who has killed an enemy has to undergo a special ritual to purify his soul.


They are individualists and do not like to live in towns like Pueblo people. Their dwelling – round mud huts – is sometimes built together to accommodate some relatives, but it is often seen that a mud hut is isolated in an open land.


The usual residence of the Argaon Indians is called wigwams (huts made of mats of bark or grass). To build shacks, the Argaon people covered curved columns with wooden poles or bark. Because the tribes disperse into groups and settle where prey is found, villages tend to be smaller.

Technology Giant Amazon’s Warehouse(II)

Amazon Warehouse is a daunting place to work, said a staff member who declined to be identified. He told Welsh language news programme Newyddion 9 “Things like timed breaks, constantly monitoring you. Not being able to have the freedom to go to the toilet without someone coming and being like, ‘right, you’ve been five minutes away from your task now what have you being doing?”

Amazon’s respond

Nic Fyfe, Amazon’s regional operations director, said “I welcome scrutiny, I think that’s an important part of what we do, but I do not recognize the stories that I see in the press.” The GMB Alliance claims the number of health and safety incidents on site, and they say these numbers tell the story. Malcolm Rees, who has worked at Swansea Center for about seven years, says that people have only heard bad news about Amazon, but there are “enjoyment” and career chances.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Amazon’s market value is more than $1 trillion dollars behind the scenes as a real survey’s result.

An Amazon spokeswoman stated “We take pride in our buildings as safe places to work,” She added “Associates are allowed to use the toilet whenever needed.” The spokeswoman also said that over time, they assess performance and guide anyone who does not perform well to help them improve.

Apple Mobile Phone In China(II)

Apple loses the Chinese Market?

Analysts first blamed the weak Chinese market for Apple’s decline of sales. Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, the latest analyst to downgrade Apple’s target share price, wrote in her report that sales of the iPhone were lower than expected, mainly because of the weak smart-phone market in China.3 inch square tubing

Yes, according to IDC data analysis, the smart-phone market in China has been declining since the second quarter of 2017, and has been declining for the sixth consecutive quarter. In the first half of 2018, the smart-phone market in China dropped 11% year on year. However, apart from the decline in domestic mobile phone sales of Samsung, Apple and the third camp China brand, the top five domestic mobile phones are not all down for its data of sales, but all kinds of growth in a certain period of time.

Qualcomm and Apple

Starting in January 2017, Apple in the United States accused Qualcomm of charging too much for its chips and refused to return the $1 billion patent fee it had promised. So in April of the same year, Apple officially announced that it would stop paying Qualcomm patent fees.

As we know, Qualcomm, as a chip giant, has a patent licensing department dedicated to intelligent machine manufacturers, and the most of the profits come from the patent licensing department.

Qualcomm’s patent fee approach has met with global discontent, including from Apple’s mobile phone manufacturers. In 2015, Qualcomm was fined 6 billion yuan by the China Development and Reform Commission. After the rectification of Qualcomm, the patent fee for the sale of mobile phones in China was changed from the patent fee charged for the price of the whole machine to the patent licensing fee charged for 65% of the price of the whole phone.

Electronic Driving System(I)

Nowadays, auto industry has developed very fast. However about electronic driving system will not always work as the show in new test. Along with issue of this system happened, the most of automakers should pay attention on this link and through new technology to complete it.

Electronic Driving System Situation

AAA tests show that today’s electronic driving assistance system on the road may be able to keep vehicles in the lane or detect stationary objects in time to avoid accident as crash.

These tests have brought warnings from car clubs that drivers should not think that the system makes their vehicles self-driving, square steel tubing they should be ready to take control.

AAA also said that the use of the word “driver” by car manufacturers when naming their systems can convince some car owners that they can drive their own cars.

Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering, said. “These systems are made as an aid to driving, they are not autonomous, despite all of the hype around vehicle autonomy,” he added “Clearly having ‘pilot’ in the name may imply a level of unaided driving, which is not correct for the current state of the development of these systems.”

Historical Figure – Karl Marx(I)

A great figure as Karl Heinrich Marx. the most of people know him as long beard, thick curly hair. As for his legendary life, we will show them in the following narration. His thoughts and theories have been learned by many people so far, especially in some socialist countries such as China, North Korea, Cuba and so on, Marx’s thought is more important even included in textbooks. Well, let us know about him below,


Karl Marx, full name Karl Heinrich Marx (German: Karl Heinrich Marx, May 5, 1818 – March 14, 1883), one of the founders of Marxism. The organizer and leader of International Workingmen’s Association, the founders of Marxist political parties, the revolutionary mentors of the proletariat and working people all over the world, the spiritual leaders of the proletariat, and the pioneers of the International Communist movement.square steel tubing

Karl Marx is a great German thinker, politician, philosopher, economist, revolutionary theorist and sociologist. His main works and books are Das Kapital and the Manifesto of the Communist Party. Karl Marx’s well-known philosophical thought is historical materialism, and his greatest desire is the comprehensive and free development of the individual. Karl Marx founded the great economic theory. As far as he is concerned, his greatest work is Das Kapital, and Marx established his principle of elaboration as “political and economic criticism”. Karl Marx believes that this is the “principle of political economy” and the essence, on which later people can continue to study through it.

The Marxist doctrine that Friedrich Engels and him co-founded is regarded as the theoretical weapon and action guidance to guide the labors all over the world to struggle for the great ideals of socialism and communism.