Electronic Driving System(I)

Nowadays, auto industry has developed very fast. However about electronic driving system will not always work as the show in new test. Along with issue of this system happened, the most of automakers should pay attention on this link and through new technology to complete it.

Electronic Driving System Situation

AAA tests show that today’s electronic driving assistance system on the road may be able to keep vehicles in the lane or detect stationary objects in time to avoid accident as crash.

These tests have brought warnings from car clubs that drivers should not think that the system makes their vehicles self-driving, square steel tubing they should be ready to take control.

AAA also said that the use of the word “driver” by car manufacturers when naming their systems can convince some car owners that they can drive their own cars.

Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering, said. “These systems are made as an aid to driving, they are not autonomous, despite all of the hype around vehicle autonomy,” he added “Clearly having ‘pilot’ in the name may imply a level of unaided driving, which is not correct for the current state of the development of these systems.”

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