Entering the Olympics will Make the Level of Skateboarding Higher

The World Skateboard (Street) Championship ended in Rio de Janeiro on the 13th, there were many good results in the men’s and women’s competitions. The participating skaters believe that after the skateboard enters the Olympic family, everyone is more serious about the sport, which plays an important role in the improvement of skateboarding. Kevin Huffler said: “Today everyone is playing very well, it was my first time to play such a good result. I think this part is because of the support of the audience, and the other part is because the sport has not only entered the Olympic Games. It’s just a game, it’s a serious sport, so the skaters are more serious about technical moves.”

The women’s team champion is from Japan, and she is very happy to win the championship, which also enhances her confidence in achieving good results at the Tokyo Olympics next year. She said: “The first time skateboarding in the Olympics is in my home country, it also makes me determined to work harder to improve my level and keep a good state in the future.” The women’s team runner-up said: “Now skateboarding has entered the Olympics, I think I have a very good chance to participate, so participating in the Olympics is also my current goal. This year I will try hard to enter the Brazilian team and then win the medal for the Brazilian team.square steel tubing Today the Japanese player defeated me, but it is in an instant who failed and won at the last minute of the game. At the Tokyo Olympics, she has a host advantage, but the things I can do are work harder and improve myself.”

The girl who ranks fifth is only 12 years old. She said:” I’m a little serious in this first competition, but unexpectedly my performance is well enough. Now skateboarding is entering into the Olympic Game, I’m young and I have so many opportunities, I will strive for it forever.”

Bob Burnquist, is served as the best skater in the world, he competed the Olympic Games from the first to today and gained countless medals, in this world championship, he served as the award presenter, he said:” I think this sport can enter into the Olympic Games, it contributes to the mass base is bigger and bigger. In Tokyo, skateboarding is the first time to enter into the Olympic Games, but it will not be the last time, in the future, it will enter into more and more games such as in Paris and Los Angeles. In fact, the skateboard has many categories, I think more categories will enter into the Olympic Games with the widely support of people.” And he also suggested the Brazilian government should give more investments to this sport, we think Brazilian skateboard will have a better future, and he said many Brazilian teenagers like this sport, and there are many Brazilian players reach the final, we have infinite potential in this competition.

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