Great Scenery in China(I)

Well, around the world there are so many good landscapes and scenery waiting for us to visit. Meanwhile, in China there are also numerous splendid natural scenery attracting tourists from home and abroad. So list the scenery in China below,


Fairy Mountain Buddhism – Mount Emei

Mount Emei is a famous Buddhist temple with more than 30 different ancient temples.


Mountain Emei is located in the intersection zone of various natural elements. The flora composition is complex, biodiversity is rich and endemic species are numerous. It has a complete subtropical vegetation system with more than 3,200 plants, accounting for about one tenth of China’s plant species.Mini electric scooter supplier


Mountain Emei is also home to a variety of rare animals. There are more than 2300 animals. There are more monkeys along the mountain road. They often escort tourists to food, which has become a major feature of the mountain area.

Millennium Snow and Ten Thousand Years Pine – Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain is named for its white pumice and snow.


Powerful magma ejects protoliths and pre-solidified rocks, volcanic ash and water vapor into the atmosphere and falls to the crater or side of the crater under the action of gravity and wind, forming various volcanic landforms.


Before volcanic eruption, the surface of Changbai Mountain was relatively flat. About 2770,000 years ago, the crust centered on Changbai Mountains appeared huge cracks, which led to the earliest volcanic eruption, forming a basalt lava platform.

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