Historical Figure – Karl Marx(I)

A great figure as Karl Heinrich Marx. the most of people know him as long beard, thick curly hair. As for his legendary life, we will show them in the following narration. His thoughts and theories have been learned by many people so far, especially in some socialist countries such as China, North Korea, Cuba and so on, Marx’s thought is more important even included in textbooks. Well, let us know about him below,


Karl Marx, full name Karl Heinrich Marx (German: Karl Heinrich Marx, May 5, 1818 – March 14, 1883), one of the founders of Marxism. The organizer and leader of International Workingmen’s Association, the founders of Marxist political parties, the revolutionary mentors of the proletariat and working people all over the world, the spiritual leaders of the proletariat, and the pioneers of the International Communist movement.square steel tubing

Karl Marx is a great German thinker, politician, philosopher, economist, revolutionary theorist and sociologist. His main works and books are Das Kapital and the Manifesto of the Communist Party. Karl Marx’s well-known philosophical thought is historical materialism, and his greatest desire is the comprehensive and free development of the individual. Karl Marx founded the great economic theory. As far as he is concerned, his greatest work is Das Kapital, and Marx established his principle of elaboration as “political and economic criticism”. Karl Marx believes that this is the “principle of political economy” and the essence, on which later people can continue to study through it.

The Marxist doctrine that Friedrich Engels and him co-founded is regarded as the theoretical weapon and action guidance to guide the labors all over the world to struggle for the great ideals of socialism and communism.

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