Professors: Investment Real Estate Trust can not Simply Superstitious Collateral(I)

Real estate trust products led by last year’s yields are still favored by investors. For example, last week, the average rate of return on real estate trust products was 8.15%. There are many real estate trust products among the newly issued high-yield trust products this week. Experts remind investors that the real estate trust business needs to clarify the equity and debt relationship of the main body. In addition to selecting high-quality counterparties, it puts forward more detailed requirements in the management of trust companies. It is necessary to continuously pay attention to whether the main body has abnormalities and warnings.steel pipes manufacturers  Do not simply believe in collateral. Recently, Ms. Lin, who holds millions of funds, is quite tempted by real estate trust products with an average yield of 8.15%, and she is more reassured to see collateral. Is the collateral real estate trust reliable?

Mortgage exists but cannot collect debts

Recently, the bankruptcy reorganization of Chongqing Elegant Real Estate Co., Ltd. was exposed, and four trust companies and 14 banks involved it. Among them, the partial assets of the collateral corresponding to the relevant credit products of China Credit Trust have been possessed and used by natural persons due to the replacement problem. When the debts were recovered, they were sentenced to be unblocked and could not be executed. Zhongxin Trustee said that it is now only possible to follow the legal procedures and continue to recover debts. It is understood that this situation is not uncommon in industry disputes. Many real estate developers are willing to “help” the trust company with a financing cost of up to 20%~30%. However, if the mortgage or guarantee provided is insufficient, it may be in high yield. Then buried hidden dangers.

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