Technology Giant Amazon’s Warehouse(II)

Amazon Warehouse is a daunting place to work, said a staff member who declined to be identified. He told Welsh language news programme Newyddion 9 “Things like timed breaks, constantly monitoring you. Not being able to have the freedom to go to the toilet without someone coming and being like, ‘right, you’ve been five minutes away from your task now what have you being doing?”

Amazon’s respond

Nic Fyfe, Amazon’s regional operations director, said “I welcome scrutiny, I think that’s an important part of what we do, but I do not recognize the stories that I see in the press.” The GMB Alliance claims the number of health and safety incidents on site, and they say these numbers tell the story. Malcolm Rees, who has worked at Swansea Center for about seven years, says that people have only heard bad news about Amazon, but there are “enjoyment” and career chances.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Amazon’s market value is more than $1 trillion dollars behind the scenes as a real survey’s result.

An Amazon spokeswoman stated “We take pride in our buildings as safe places to work,” She added “Associates are allowed to use the toilet whenever needed.” The spokeswoman also said that over time, they assess performance and guide anyone who does not perform well to help them improve.

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