The Effect of Radiation on Pregnant Women (II)

The people who use computer frequently will feel eye discomfort and diminution of vision, hey often easy to fatigue. So this kind of people should pay attention to these aspects:

Eat some food that benefit for your eyes, such as egg, fish, oleum morrhuae, carrot, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, sesame, radish and animal liver. And eat more food that contains high calcium, such as bean products, bone soup, egg, milk, lean meat and shrimp. In addition, you need to pay notice the supplement of vitamin: eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Enhance resistance: such as mushroom, honey, agaric, galvanized steel tubing suppliers kelp, orange and Chinese-date. At last, you can eat radiation-resistance food: although the hurt of computer to us is small, we should also prevent. Drink tea can decline the harm of radiation, the lipopolysaccharide in the tea leaf has the function of resist radiation. Spiral seaweed and sea buckthron oil has this function, too.

The location of the computer is very important. Try not to let the back of the screen face someone’s place, because the computer’s strongest radiation is the back, followed by the left and right sides, and the front of the screen is the weakest. It is necessary to see the words clearly, at least 50 cm to 75 cm, which can reduce the damage of electromagnetic radiation. Attention to indoor ventilation: Scientific research confirms that the computer’s screen produces a carcinogen called brominated benzofuran. Therefore, it is best to install a ventilation fan in a room where the computer is placed. If not, pay special attention to ventilation when surfing the Internet.

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