The Younger Rich Businessman

At the age of 20, what are we doing, a poor student? Playing games online every day? How many people in contemporary young people are like this, it should have been used for the age of youth, but this age is still different. At the time, 20-year-old Chen Jianhua became a millionaire with his talents, creating a world of 500. Strong Hengli Group, now Chen Jianhua has also become 22 on the Hurun Report. square steel tubing I think everyone has heard of the Top 500 Hengli Group, a diversified international company, mainly in petrochemical, polyester, chemical fiber, weaving and machinery. Nowadays, it is also one of the largest weaving companies in the world.

Hengli Group established

In 1994, Hengli Group was established. Chen Jianhua invested all his own family and bought a small company that was going bankrupt. The factory in Suzhou was also a lot of business. The business was booming. In a few years, Chen Jianhua accumulated a lot funds, when he was only 20 years old, he already had millions of funds. Later, Chen Jianhua discovered that this was not a long-term solution. He hoped that he would start a factory, run his own business, and be his own boss, so that he could continue for a long time. After making up his mind, Chen Jianhua overcame all the difficulties and took out all the funds accumulated in the past 10 years. He bought the small factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy from the government and started the chemical fiber weaving factory. It was also the first batch during the reform and opening up period. The start-up funds are relatively scarce. The factory has spent millions, and the equipment in the factory is not a lot. However, he quickly changed the backward enterprises into experience methods, tin plate suppliers and never defaulted on the salary of employees. Since then, Hengli Group has also stepped on the right track.

Hengli Group’s diversified development

Since Chen Jianhua took over the spinning mill, Hengli has been climbing and the scale has been expanding. In 2002, Hengli began to enter the journey of the development of the top chemical fiber industry. In just two years, Hengli Group’s production capacity has been at the forefront of the country, and it has become one of the largest chemical fiber textile enterprises in China. As mentioned before, Liheng Group is a diversified development direction. It has not only achieved such objective achievements in the chemical fiber textile industry. In the machinery industry, Hengli Company established Suzhou Huayi Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2001. An advanced CNC machining center technology, and the equipment is also complete, and the production volume is also guaranteed.

In the real estate field, Steel Pipe Suppliers Hengli has also been involved. Hengli Real Estate has Dalian Real Estate Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hengli Real Estate Co., Ltd., Dalian Tiancheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. and many other real estate companies. Persevering in the pursuit of quality, Hengli has developed a number of boutique projects such as ”Victoria Square”. This should be regarded as a very successful real estate business. Hengli has its own real estate company in many places, this is the real low-key real estate rich businessman!

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