Western Culture – Indians in America(II)

What do Indians look like living in the United States? The answers are varied, because there is more than one Indian culture. From height, Indians range from very tall to fairly short; from skin color, they range from dark to light. Many Europeans who came to the new world in the sun had redder complexions than the Indians they met there.

Indian languages belong to different language families, and the differences between them are greater than those between English and Russian, or between French and Japanese. As for their customs and ways of life, there are also great differences among each tribes.tin plate suppliers

Different tribes

In the southwest, where the land is dusty and dry, it is very difficult for Indians to farm. Unlike the southeastern Indians and the northeastern Indian tribes, the men of the southwestern Indian tribe do heavy and endless farming while the women stay at home.

The Southwest Indians believed that war would disrupt important farming because it would take young and strong men from the land. When war is needed to surround villages, every soldier who has killed an enemy has to undergo a special ritual to purify his soul.


They are individualists and do not like to live in towns like Pueblo people. Their dwelling – round mud huts – is sometimes built together to accommodate some relatives, but it is often seen that a mud hut is isolated in an open land.


The usual residence of the Argaon Indians is called wigwams (huts made of mats of bark or grass). To build shacks, the Argaon people covered curved columns with wooden poles or bark. Because the tribes disperse into groups and settle where prey is found, villages tend to be smaller.

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