As a design teacher to have a clear understanding and overall grasp of today’s trends, only then the teacher in the teaching process to provide students with the knowledge is the freshest and most cutting-edge design information. Furniture is a crucial part of interior design, and many interior design works reflect their design soul through furniture. Therefore, the grasp of furniture trends is crucial for an interior designer.

The trend of furniture development in today’s world

Through the Milan International Furniture Fair, the Paris International Furniture Fair and other major international furniture display is not difficult to find, simple, environmental protection, natural, humane, simple, personality, levels, intermingling, freedom, leisure, is still the mainstream of today’s world furniture trends.

1, simple: simplicity is beauty, the pursuit of the essence of furniture, simple and smooth lines, soft colors and harmonious structure, abandoning the complexity of the mattress, refuse to trivial, interpretation of light, simple and fresh style.

2, environmental protection: health, environmental protection concept seeped into the details of furniture design, the use of pure wood, rattan, bamboo, paper and other green natural materials and coatings, so that the home and the environment in harmony.

3, nature: such as a childhood memories, back to the homeland of the soul, close to the texture and color of nature, flowing back to the basics of the pure feeling, simple but full of confidence, simple but not boring, in the home space close to and enjoy nature.

4、Humanization: considerate, healthy, practical, functional, comfortable, intelligent, ergonomic, people-oriented design concept, so that furniture is not only a living appliance, but also a way of life, work, leisure, to meet people’s understanding of life and hope.

5、Simple: natural and simple colors, clear and natural feeling, give the restless heart a simple peace, so that the home becomes the release of pressure and liberation of the soul of the pure land.

6、Personality: to meet individual needs in style, style, size and use, or open, or introverted, the pursuit of bold, alternative fashion.

7、Levels: the use of space function and aesthetics and create a rich space level effect, advocate a free combination of furniture revolution, through the disassembly and combination of clever changes, the performance of space-time dynamic, complete functional conversion, the use of multi-functional expansion of space, become the theme of today’s furniture design.

8、Integration: western and oriental, classical and modern, simple and luxurious, natural and humanistic, sensual and rational, different materials, different colors, in either symmetrical balance, or conceptual conflict to achieve the beauty of coordination.

9, leisure: in the face of external pressure of life, home is the harbor of the soul, is a rest and recuperation of the rest garden, with color wielding state intention space, let the life of leisure and sensual, enrich the soul, is a kind of satisfaction in life. Emphasis on the quality of life today, in addition to giving furniture beauty and form and function and other elements, leisure factors should not be ignored.

10, freedom: advocate the freedom of self-indulgent lifestyle, is also the theme of this year’s popular furniture. The original sense of life brought from distant lands, into the modern home concept, enjoy the freedom of life taste, indulge in wandering in the spiritual realm of no self, in a limited space to create unlimited imagination.

Popular trends of Chinese furniture in 2012

1, classical Chinese furniture is still popular.

Once upon a time, when foreigners favor Chinese classical furniture, Chinese affluent class is madly chasing the so-called European style, “pure imported furniture” used to be their pride. And now, maybe it is the inevitable economic development, maybe it is people’s return to traditional culture, in short, the enthusiasm of foreigners for Chinese classical furniture is not decreasing, and the enthusiasm of Chinese people is also rapidly increasing.

The beauty of classical Chinese furniture lies in its composure, in its smooth structural lines and in the textural color of the material itself. As it uses precious natural wood, it meets the modern consumer philosophy of pursuing nature, environmental protection and health; its beauty also lies in the imaginative space it has left behind over the years and the deep historical and cultural heritage it is rich in, which can well highlight the owner’s humanistic temperament and individual interest, and is an indispensable and alternative extreme of quality and fashion in modern society.

In addition, classical furniture is also popular because of its value preservation and appreciation potential. And Chinese neo-classical furniture style innovation is still the first Chinese designers to solve the problem.

2, emphasize the cultural connotation of furniture.

The combination of furniture placement, furniture materials and elements, all have a subtle effect on home life. 2012, the designer more emphasis on the cultural connotation of furniture, advocating different lifestyles for different people design, advocate quality of life. And, in response to the diversity of people’s taste, will increase the selection of “liberalism” as an important theme style to promote.

3、Fine and fashionable women’s furniture products are popular.

From the marketing point of view, women’s influence on household consumption is growing, so in 2012 many furniture will be made for the female market. Gorgeous patterns, exquisite design, perfect shape, exquisite skills, showing the aristocratic female flamboyant, canonical childish temperament, set exquisite write fashion in one.

In addition, the realization of modeling, decoration, function, selection of materials, technology, close unity, with “simple, simple, natural, exquisite, comfortable” style of furniture modeling will be the main style of the future for a long time popular.

4, the choice of furniture materials show diversification.

Due to the constraints of the plaque of timber resources and the impact of aesthetic changes in people’s behavior, modern furniture materials can be used for everything, in addition to the traditional natural materials, wood, artificial materials, metal, plastic, stone, leather, etc. can be applied to furniture, the choice of materials, the use of diversified trends.

Furniture materials are designed to serve the connotation, therefore, whether wood, cloth, leather, rattan, metal or a combination of materials, will have their own wonderful.

However, in the diversity of furniture materials, natural materials, solid wood is still the mainstream of furniture materials. Because people’s aesthetic orientation has a “back to basics, back to nature” trend, and natural materials and solid wood to meet the modern requirements of people can reflect the vitality of modern life, but also to retain the traditional style of mind, wood and human beings have an ineffable emotional connection. High-grade furniture boutique contains a rich traditional cultural connotations of furniture is bound to natural solid wood as the production material.

Therefore, natural solid wood, solid wood paneling supporting technology and wood grain decorative paper, wood grain dipping paper, decorative panels, natural thin wood veneer technology, etc. will have a great development future.

The application of cutting-edge design information in the actual teaching of design teachers

In the classroom lectures to include more of these advanced furniture frontier information, more use of multimedia to let students see more and more knowledge. When students design interior works, guide them to use this popular cutting-edge information as the main reference indicator for design. Not only should students be aware of this information, but they should also be guided to use it flexibly. They will develop a sensitive “sense” of fashion.

In general, simplicity, environmental protection, nature, humanity, simplicity, individuality, hierarchy, integration, freedom, leisure, is still the mainstream of the world’s furniture trends. Whether international or domestic, with the passage of time, more fashion elements are integrated in the furniture. The intertwined use of multiculturalism makes the furniture form richer.

Simplicity humanization and environmental protection are still the shining points in today’s furniture fashion. A better grasp of furniture trends can help us better understand the true meaning of furniture, which can enable us to design more and better furniture and better grasp the pulse of fashion. It can also help teachers to better apply these popular elements in actual teaching and train designers with a more contemporary flavor.