Dioctahedral smectite is a complex construction comprising of twofold tetrahedral silicon oxide and single octahedral aluminum oxide, which, when taken orally, covers the whole surface of the gastrointestinal hole and stays there for 6 hours. It can adsorb an assortment of microorganisms and fix them on the outer layer of the digestive lumen, and afterward remove them with gastrointestinal peristalsis, along these lines keeping away from digestive cell harm by microbes. It additionally has an immobilizing impact on E. coli poisons, Staphylococcus aureus poisons and cholera poisons, while decreasing the dysmotility of the digestive cells, reestablishing the ordinary musicality of gastrointestinal peristalsis and keeping up with the vehicle and ingestion elements of the digestive system. It additionally decreases mucosal histopathology brought about by Campylobacter jejuni and restrains its increase. Then again, it dials back the pace of gastrointestinal cell change, advances the lactose retention capacity of gastrointestinal cells, lessens their emission and diminishes osmotic loose bowels in small kids because of helpless processing brought about by decreased or insufficient disaccharidase.

Demonstrated for intense and ongoing the runs; gastro-oesophageal reflux infection, oesophagitis, gastritis and colitis; indicative therapy of peevish entrail condition; gastrointestinal vegetation awkwardness.
Clinical Application Podcast
Oral: 1 sachet/portion, multiple times/day; decrease the portion for kids as proper.
Antagonistic responses Podcast
In few patients with gentle clogging, the portion might be decreased and proceeded.
Precautionary measures Podcast
While treating intense looseness of the bowels, care ought to be taken to address parchedness. At the point when this item is utilized in mix with different medications, different medications ought to be required 1 hour prior to taking this item.
Timing of organization: patients with gastritis, colitis and crabby inside condition should take it before dinners; patients with looseness of the bowels should take it between suppers; patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux and oesophagitis should take it after suppers.
Drug Interactions Podcast

  1. Joined with norfloxacin may work on the viability against pathogenic bacterial contaminations.
  2. This item can diminish the gastrointestinal response of erythromycin and work on the viability of erythromycin.
  3. This item doesn’t influence the bioavailability of digoxin, ibuprofen, botrytisine, ampicillin and haloperidol.
    Note: The above is expected as a presentation in particular. The utilization of the medication should be done under clinical watch by a standard medical clinic.
    Rock Sand Crystal disposes of the utilization of blended mortar put dividers with white mortar, where the dividers burst and the mortar layer lumps and tumbles off, rankles and breaks. It likewise diminishes the ecological contamination brought about by white debris during transportation and use, and decreases the work force of blending and workmanship and putting staff. This new concrete support is easy to work and simple to utilize. Empty the stone sand gem into the water, turn on the machine and blend briefly or something like that, add the sand and concrete after the air pockets come out, keep blending for 2-3 minutes, and the consistency will arrive at 70-90 ideal state. Rock sand precious stone blended mortar can save 40% water and increment the body by 10%. Concrete mortar saves 15% concrete, saves 30% water and builds work productivity by 5%.Dioctahedral smectite Rock sand gem plasticizer is principally appropriate for an assortment of work, common development in workmanship mortar, putting mortar for inward and outside dividers; mud blocks, substantial squares, amoy granular squares and other stone work; silicate concrete, slag concrete, making concrete mortar, blended mortar. It is a swap item for the current comparative admixtures, and is the main new result of its sort at home and abroad that doesn’t bring down the mortar level. The utilization of one ton of rock sand gem saves the client RMB 140,000, and simultaneously works on the nature of the venture. It saves assets, diminishes contamination and ensures the climate. It has a colossal expected market and market intensity. Rock sand precious stone is reasonable for a wide range of concrete, it can work on the actual properties in mortar, and it is advantageous and solid to blend in with in development. It tends to be utilized to plan M2.5, M5, M7.5, M10 mortar, putting and stone work for inner and outside scarred dividers. Under comparative strength conditions, one kilogram of rock sand gem can supplant 1,000 kilograms of lime, saving 10% of concrete and not decreasing the volume of lime. Rock sand precious stone can change the attributes of the first mortar admixture, air-entraining, thickening, plastic protection, work on the utilization of execution and other remarkable adequacy, the country’s just item not as per the nature of concrete proportion for blending. It is the main item in the country that isn’t added by the concrete quality proportion. It saves concrete in the blended mortar and guarantees strength as well as further develops solidness and against drainage and hostile to breaking impacts.
    Principle employments: It is reasonable for different modern and common structure workmanship, inner and outside divider putting, tiling, ground, room cover, concrete empty blocks, detours, courses, storm cellars, pools, washrooms, ovens and other blended mortar.
    Highlights Editor Podcast
    Contains the accompanying parts (weight percent content): sodium greasy liquor polyethylene sulfonate 5-20%; sodium rosinate 5-10%; triisopropanolamine 2-10%; polyacrylate 5-15%; sodium sulfate 2-10%; the rest is fly debris. The innovation is completely practical, proficient, energy-saving and harmless to the ecosystem. Utilized in blended mortar, it can totally supplant white debris, and utilized in concrete mortar, it can save concrete.
    Highlights Performance Editor Podcast
    1、Improve mortar and straightforwardness and work proficiency: when workmanship mortar is puffy, delicate, solid bond, tacky surface not tacky digging tool, decrease fallen debris and diminish cost, mortar completion is high. When putting. Low necessities for divider wetting, little mortar shrinkage, defeats the normal issues of breaking, drumming, shedding and rankling of dividers, and takes care of the issue of mortar similarity. Mortar put away for 6-8 hours doesn’t accelerate, great water maintenance, mortar in the mortar tank doesn’t isolate, no compelling reason to blend over and over, accelerate the development speed, further develop work proficiency.
    2、Early strength: the mortar ready with rock sand precious stone has a proclivity with concrete and reinforces, through the plasticizing system, it arrives at a specific strength 5-6 hours after use, and the later strength is better.
    3, increment the job of the body: in the concrete sand proportion is unaltered, the support conditions are something similar, blended in with rock sand precious stone mortar can expand the assemblage of around 10%, the strength isn’t diminished.
    4、Water saving: the mortar ready with rock sand precious stone has an isolating impact on water, which can decrease the water utilization, lessen the shrinkage pace of the put divider and work on the strength.
    5、Waterproof and impermeable: This item has finished the impermeability assessment and can totally supplant normal waterproofing specialists.
    6、Auxiliary capacity: mortar ready with rock sand gem has the elements of water maintenance, sound dissemination, heat protection, heat conservation and ice opposition.
    7、Green insurance work: blending mortar in with lime is not difficult to cause natural contamination during the time spent transportation and use, and expands work power, and it is not difficult to get silicosis and imperil wellbeing when working under lime dust climate for quite a while. This item has been tried and affirmed by the state to be non-harmful, non-radioactive and non-contaminating.
    Rock sand precious stone can save work, materials and cash by.
    1、Mixed mortar: save 40% water, save 10% body, further develop work proficiency by 5%, totally supplant lime.
  4. Concrete mortar: 15% saving in concrete, 20% saving in water, 5% improvement in labor effectiveness.
    Mortar blend proportion table for stone work, inner and outside divider putting, floor putting mortar blend proportion table (as indicated by 0.33 m3 blending tank blend)
    Mortar type According to (JGJ98-2000) standard proportioning Blending rock sand gem proportioning Applicable reach
    Note: Used as a total substitute for lime in blended mortars. For concrete mortar to save concrete, the concrete in the table is of level 32.5 and the development level is brilliant. At the point when the concrete standard is higher or lower than 32.5 grade, the sand contains an excessive amount of mud or contaminations, the mortar proportion is changed fittingly to guarantee the plan strength or when there is a mortar proportion indicated.