Building decoration construction project management usually means that in the process of building decoration and construction, construction enterprises should strictly comply with the system and regulations formulated by the state, in addition to adopt a scientific and effective approach in technical management, which is the most important one to create a relatively good environment and atmosphere, so that it can well ensure that the building decoration project in the process of management and acceptance To be able to fully meet the national or local acceptance standards.

In addition, on the basis of ensuring smooth construction, effective measures must be taken to continuously improve the construction technology of construction projects, but some construction enterprises in China in the process of management in the level of its still exists a certain lack, so it also makes China’s construction management of building decoration needs to be constantly improved and perfected.

1 construction technology management significance in building decoration

The construction technology of building decoration project occupies a very key position in the process of construction, on the one hand, to ensure the comprehensiveness of management, at the same time, also to carry out more comprehensive control of key links, according to different construction projects and the actual situation to do a more comprehensive analysis and research.

At present, the competition among construction enterprises is developing in the direction of white-hot, so in such a situation, the level of technical management of an enterprise has a very significant impact on its competitive strength, many enterprises occupy a very obvious advantage in material level, but in technical management ability still needs to be constantly improved, so in the competition will often be in a disadvantageous position.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to comprehensively improve and optimize the technical management of building decoration construction. First of all, a more scientific quality system should be established according to the structure of the enterprise, in addition to effective scientific management of it. Secondly, the construction technology process of building decoration engineering is constantly being improved and upgraded. Again, we should pay attention to management training work, and constantly improve the comprehensive quality and ability of management personnel. A more reasonable allocation of various resources. The last point is to continuously create exquisite decoration and decoration projects, and to continuously innovate the technical means of building decoration and decoration.

2 Measures to optimize the construction technology management of building decoration

2.1 Optimize the quality management of construction enterprises according to the actual demand

first, in accordance with the construction enterprise has been certified in the quality of engineering, occupational health of safety and construction environment management to find the shortcomings in the technical management of the enterprise, from the starting point of the problem to develop timely adjustment measures to follow up the project.
Second, in the design department staffing of the building decoration enterprises, according to the amount of engineering needs to configure the corresponding building decoration designers, and to ensure the deepening of the design reform of the decoration drawings, reflecting the artistic style of decoration design;.
Third, according to the technical management specification requirements for the configuration of technical personnel positions, the job responsibilities for the detailed provisions;

fourth, for the construction progress requirements of different projects, the technical management personnel for reasonable staffing and division of labor;.
Fifth, improve the quality and management ability of technical management personnel, organize professional skills training in stages, and strengthen the safety knowledge education of staff; sixth, from the establishment of the management organization structure, it should be appropriate to employ some senior technical management personnel to ensure the sustainability and advancement of technical management.

2.2 Optimization of the overall management system of building decoration

First, the construction technology specification of building decoration, the perfection and implementation of technical documents, is required in accordance with the relevant requirements of the construction enterprise quality system and with the development of technology to enhance, as well as the improvement of the team management cooperation and responsibility system of decoration technology, to ensure that the staffing and technical management of each technical post, to avoid the construction of decoration without clear responsibility or no responsibility for the situation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of technical personnel.

Second, the implementation of the technical quality of the decoration of the handover work and management of technical files, in the pre-construction work of the building, should understand the content and provisions of the construction drawings, not after the construction drawings can not be used; third, to prevent blind decoration construction, technical quality of the handover work needs to be graded, critical processes or special processes are to be specialized technical handover.

2.3 Procurement of construction materials based on environmental protection

The fundamental principle of construction decoration is “scientific concept of development, building a harmonious society”, in the construction and decoration enterprises to pursue the maximum benefit of the basis, but also to establish a resource-saving and environmentally friendly enterprise stage development goals, to protect the fundamental interests of society to protect the environment. First, construction enterprises in the purchase of materials to protect the environment as the fundamental concept, the use of environmentally friendly materials and machinery and equipment to construction projects; second, to strengthen the awareness of technical personnel of environmental responsibility, increase the relevant management and technical investment; third, according to the concept of environmental protection, in accordance with national regulations to choose environmentally friendly building decoration materials.

2.4 Optimization of resource allocation according to construction progress

In the construction process, the efficiency of resource allocation will have a very significant impact on the smooth progress of the construction project, in order to prevent a large amount of waste of resources, we must do a good job in the process of construction organization design, and also in the process of construction of materials and various resources needed to optimize the allocation, from multiple angles, multiple levels of its appropriate Improvement and adjustment, so that the construction process can be more scientific and reasonable under the premise of ensuring construction safety, to ensure that the construction can be carried out within a normal range.

2.5 Site management based on building construction civilization

In the process of social development, to pay attention to the harmony of development must ensure the civilization of society, in this process it is necessary to create a civilized, scientific and standardized technical management, but also in the process of construction will be the first civilization.

In the process of construction management mainly includes the following elements: First is the comprehensive management of the technical work of the Ohman. The second is the optimal management of construction quality, and again is the scientific management of material circulation. The fourth is the improvement and perfection of the management mechanism according to the drive cold. The fifth is the optimization and adjustment of the construction site as a whole. The sixth way is the comprehensive and optimal management of the target position responsibility system.

2.6 Optimization measures of technical management on the basis of the need for change

First of all, the construction project marked on the as-built drawings of the increase or decrease and the specific quantity should be fully understood and mastered, especially to do a good job of keeping the technical data. Secondly, the progress information of the construction project should be carefully reviewed. Because there is a very close connection between each link of the building decoration, but the same project process construction time is very difficult to do one-to-one correspondence, so it will also create a great obstacle to the later management of construction materials, so in such a case, we must ensure the accuracy of the progress acceptance data, but also to its scientific and standardized management, so that Only then can we better ensure the quality and level of management.


Construction and decoration enterprises in the process of development must be in accordance with the changes in the market environment of the enterprise technical management system and the basic system of comprehensive optimization and adjustment, so as to better ensure the rationality of all aspects of construction, in addition to the optimal allocation of resources during the construction of the project, in the civilization construction management must pay great attention to the optimization of technical document management, only in this way In order to better promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s building decoration project.